• SeepC Project

    Studying connectivity in deep-sea chemosynthetic ecosystems.


    Antarctic Seeps: Life in the DEEP freeze


    Exploration & Discovery


    Tubeworms (Riftia pachyptila), brachyuran crabs (Bythograea thermophilus), and a zooarcid fish (Thermarces cerberus). Watercolor by Karen Jacobsen.

  • Policy and Ocean Governance

    Scientists as Stakeholders of Deep-Sea Ecosystems

Tu'i Malila, Lau Basin. Watercolor by Karen Jacobsen.

The Deep Sea

“There is no real boundary to the part of the planet I think of as the deep sea.  Technically, it is defined as oceanic depths greater than a few hundred meters. In my mind, the deep sea encompasses the depths of the open ocean beyond where daylight penetrates—beyond where the sun at noon becomes twilight, beyond darkness, into utter black.”

Cindy Lee Van Dover, The Octopus’s Garden.